Magical Ice Carousel - Magical World



The Magical Ice Carousel takes you on a journey of discovery through the eyes of a child, a little girl named Kiki who put a life a Magician by the curiosity of her youth, visiting different worlds and experiencing the adventures they hold. When a Magician on a fun fair poster comes to life, larger-than-life, the journey begins.
A treat for adults and children alike, The Magical Ice Carousel is performed by an International troupe of some of Europe's finest skaters including National and International Ice Skating Champions. As theatre on ice with a rousing sound track the show will thrill through ice dance and amaze through the colourful costumes and set. The audience will find themselves being drawn into another world.
Script and direction: Jindřich Šimek                                                                                 
Cast and choreography: Radka Kovaříková
Dance co-operation: Miroslava Mechelová, Radka Silberová
Light design: Pavel Dautovský
Light manager: Kamil Kružík
Sound manager: Lukáš Hvězda
Photo manager: Radek Klimeš
Set, costumes, production: Intershow productions s.r.o.



Bibiana Poliačková / Slovakia
Bibiana is the principal lady in this new show, she is multiple Slovak National Champion in artistic figure skating. She performs a solo performance to the song Welcome to the greatest show of Christina Aguilera to open the show.

Fernand Fedronic / France
Fernand is four times National Champion and World Professional Silver Medalist. He is a show skater for more than 15 years and has starred in numerous ice shows all over the world. He is also Tenor Opera Singer on stage. In this show he performs the King of the Jungle.
Svetlana Kuprina and Andrey Chuvilyaev / Russia
This adagio couple makes a perfect match on ice.They are the tallest skating couple in the world, when Svetlana is picked up by Andrey and doing amazing acrobatic tricks in a hight of almost 3 meters. Each of them have collected many international gold medals and titles. They are the crowd pleasers of any show. They perform a solo number in the Orient part of the show.

Marie Pierre Leray / France
This young charismatic lady is living in Paris, but most of the year traveling the world as an on ice and aerial performer and a guest star in various show productions. In her skating competitive carrier she represented France at the Winter Olympic Games in 1994 in Norway. She performs a number of a butterfly in this show.

Kristýna Vašíčková / The Czech Republic
She is the 12 years old main character of the show. Skating and acting is her big love. She has already starred in Father Frost the musical on ice in Europe.

Ensemble skaters coming from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
They are the National Champions and represent their countries on the European and World Figure

Skating Championships:
Žaneta Tolochová, Hana Rišková, Diana Janošťáková, Marta Klímová, Veronika Dytrtová, Jan Nerad.