Ice Beach



This show features a typically winter activity in a summer environment, which will provide holiday resorts and amusements centres with the option to expand the offer of attractions.
For most people summer holidays are all about summer activities; water sports, tennis, volleyball or golf. However, this year they will be able to put on ice-skates and skate on the beach, at swimming centres or amusement parks, surrounded by sweet summer music.
They will be encouraged to improve their skating skills under the supervision of professional ice-skaters. Competitive individuals will be invited to practice some simple figure skating and take part in the 'Ice-Dancing on the Beach' competition. If they are successful, they will win great prizes as souvenirs, but above all, they will have an extraordinary and unforgettable time performing as figure skaters – in the sun!

This offer is intended especially for:

  •      Hotels
  •      Resorts
  •      Swimming centres and amusement parks
  •      Open-air restaurants, relaxation zones
  •      Company Fun-Days
  •      Public relations and marketing agencies.

Daily program:

  •     10 hours of skating under the assistance of teachers - coaches
  •     Mini-show – a ten-minute show (for example: three times a day).

Bonus program:

  •         Special skating practice for children and adults
  •         Pairs practice for the Dancing on Ice competition
  •         Dance floor on ice
  •         Carnivals and dancing events on ice            

 Evening competitions for the public in the style of Dancing on Ice.
 Promotional events, presentationof products and services.