Champions on Ice



Champions on Ice, an American figure skating show established in 1969, were rather modest. However, the later developments of the show were influenced to a great extent by the Olympics in Lake Placid and Sarajevo as figure skating gained huge popularity in the USA following these games.
Champions on Ice has starred outstanding skaters such as Viktor Petrenko, Marina Klimova – Sergey Ponomarenko, Jayne Torvill – Christopher Dean, Michele Kwan, Elvis Stojko, Philippe Candeloro and Alexej Jagudin.
Europe's first ever tour of this show featured the script The Planet of the Champions written by Jindrich Simek, who also produced this show. The show starred:

Marina Anissina – Gwendal Peizerat, olympic gold medallists, world and European champions
Viktor Petrenko, olympic winner, world and European champion
Radka Kovarikova – Rene Novotny, three-time world champions
Irina Slutskaya - world and European champion
Jozef Sabovcik - two-time European champion
Surya Bonaly – five-time European champion
Sarah Abitbol – Stephan Bernadis – world and European championship medallists
Jelena Grushina – Ruslan Goncharov - world and European championship medallists
Irina Grigorian – professional US Open champion
Laurent Tobel – champion of France, clown on ice
Rock&Roll Band of Marcel Woodman – live music
Martin Dejdar – presenter